Pixie Cut by Julia Wolf

Title: Pixie Cut
Series: The Sublime #5
Author: Julia Wolf
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: October 18, 2018
She’s a busy lawyer whose life has just been flipped upside down. He’s an ex-soldier whose heart has just been broken. They’re perfect strangers, and now they’re roommates too.
Sometimes I’m a hot mess. There’s no debating that. But I’m trying to get my life together, starting with my fixer upper house.
How did I end up with a tall, devilishly handsome Israeli roommate? I couldn’t actually tell you. Avi steamrolled into my life, and I kind of liked it.
He’s a flirt, but we have a contract and rule number one is no sex. Which is a good thing, because as attractive as he is, he’s just putting his broken heart back together, and I’m not looking to be his rebound.
Only it seems our contract isn’t worth the pink highlighter and paper it’s written on since Avi’s never met a rule he didn’t want to break.

Laurel is the last of her circle of friends to be single, but she has made her peace with it. She has her new friend, her new job, and her new house, and that will keep her happy. The only thing is that the house needs a lot of work, and she has zero time to work on it. So when Avi, a hairstylist at her friend’s salon, suggests moving in and helping fix up the house as part of the rent, she has a hard time saying no.

Avi moves in, and things go well, but Laurel finds she is attracted to him way more than she expected. She is determined to keep their friendship platonic, but she discovers pretty quickly that Avi is difficult to resist. And really, does she want to?

This book is part of a series, but I didn’t realize that when I picked it up. I haven’t read any books by this author before, but I thought it worked really well as a stand alone book.  The main characters worked great together. I loved how Laurel could be both badass lawyer by day and have a much more fun-loving and relaxed side with her friends and with Avi. I loved how direct Avi was, and how even though they are completely different, it still works.

I would give this book 4 stars. I was asked by the author for an honest review.

I have to say I didnt know what to expect from this book.  This was a little off on what I typically read and I loved the blurb for this book.
With all of this being said, I didn’t fall in live with the book like I hoped.  There were things I couldn’t get past.  For any reader there are some things that you get hung up on and try to avoid.
I’m going to start with avi.  I liked him in a lot of ways.  Of course he was a hero and finished with what he had to do, so he went into the family business, he became a hair stylist.  Yes you heard me correctly.  A little off the wall but they made it work in the book.  He meets Lauren as he is doing her hair and he kind of plants himself in her life, becoming her roommate.  Avi is a very out spoken person, on some degree a little too much and it goes on during the whole book.  He likes Lauren so I guess the best way is to start as friends.
Lauren.  She made a huge mistake.  One that really I can’t even forgive, but I’m not the one in the book.  So she starts a new life.  She is fixing up a house.  When she first meets avi its at the place he works.  They sorta hit it off and become room mates.  They start off Slw, friends at first and then it progresses, but Lauren hides the one secret that could ruin everything.  Lauren was not really want of my favorite characters I just couldn’t connect with her.
I don’t want to go into too much of this book.  It took me a bit to read this because I couldn’t connect with the characters.  I would really like to read another of the authors book because the author has a great style of writing and I think I would enjoy a different book from her.

“Julia lives in Maryland with her patient husband and three crazy beautiful kids. When she’s not writing, momming, or watching Real Housewives, she’s reading a book. Julia’s a lover of all things romance. From sweet, to funny, to steamy, to so dirty you’ll blushing for days, she reads (and writes!) it all.”


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