The Secrets Trilogy Box Set

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The Secret Series: The Complete Trilogy By Gina A. Jones

Narrated by Tracy Marks and Aaron Shedlock

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Julia: I don’t know what to expect alone at this isolated manor. I’m a nanny for a 10-year-old little girl. Her father is gone. I’m not sure he even exists. Things don’t seem right. There are strange calls, and I hang up. Then, one dark, stormy night, he enters my life. I watch his strange behavior. I witness the strange relationship between him and his daughter. I watch him watch me.

One minute he’s harsh and the next he’s vulnerable. He tells me he needs me. He tells me his wife is dead. I want to believe him because I have fallen in love with him. He doesn’t know I crave him. He doesn’t know I want to touch him. He doesn’t know I’m a virgin. And…he doesn’t know I have found his secret hidden in the floor of my closet.

Jonas: She doesn’t know the murder I covered up. She doesn’t know the woman I destroyed. She doesn’t know the evil schemed I conjured to lure her to my manor. She doesn’t know I altered her fate. She doesn’t know my true intentions. She doesn’t know I watched her long before we met one dark, stormy night. She doesn’t know the man I used to be. But I do.

She doesn’t know the truth.

Follow the epic journey of Julia Ellis and Jonas Fairbanks in this breathtaking, you’ll never see it coming, three-book trilogy of The Secret Series.

Warning: This book contains graphic sexual scenes and is recommended for mature listeners only.

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Here Are my Reviews for these books!

His Secret Review

Okay y’all it has been a minute since I have found a book that keeps me guessing! I love a book that has me thinking I know where it’s going and then something new pops up and I’m like ok maybe I was wrong! This is my first book by Gina but I am now a fan if all her books are like this one. Tracy Marks did an excellent job at narrating this story. The characters are well developed and relatable. This book left me speechless and hungry for more. Love it!

Her Secret Review

Ok so this book was a great emotional roller coaster! I have really enjoyed this series thus far! This series has capture my interest and taken me on a wild ride that I thoroughly enjoyed! Julia and Jonas keeps it interesting. These are great characters and a great storyline. Just when you think you know what’s going on there is a twist. I LOVED This series! I highly recommend this series! Tracy Marks was the best choice for this book! Loved it!

Secret Enemy Review

This series was soooo good! I love this series it has kept me guessing from book one! I have guessed and was wrong I have guessed and was right but I was wrong more than right. I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves a well written series that will keep you on your toes, This series has taken me through all emotions! I loved every single minute of it! You don’t want to miss this one! Aaron Shedlock did an excellent job at bringing Jonas and his view to life! Great choice!

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