About Me

Estella is a HUGE Boyz II Men Fan! She has been since the group came out with their first album. She lives in the Land of Lincoln with her teen-aged daughter. She loves playing Wii Cheer with her daughter and don’t mind beating her. She has always loved reading but for a while life got in the way. She was then told she had to read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ after that she was hooked again. She started Love Romance Books Blog and then she started Luv Books Galore because she wanted a place to promote all genres of books! I Love Indie Authors! 

Estella’s Top 15 Authors

(In no particular order)

1.) Cora Seton

2.) Red L. Jameson

3.) T.K. Leigh

4.) E.L. James

5.) Sylvia Day

6.) Tara Crescent

7.) Julia Kent

8.) Mimi Strong

9.) Jasinder Wilder

10.) Melody Anne

11.) Jessica Claire

12.) Maya Banks

13.) Kristen Painter

14.) Ruth Cardello

15.) Catherine Bybee

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